Michigan crowd gets angry with their congressman over health care

The Washington Times has this story.

ROMULUS, Mich. | There were no buses, no swastikas, not a piece of Astroturf in sight.

But there was name-calling, jeering, red faces and finger-pointing as Michigan residents shot back with fury at a congressional town-hall meeting geared to explaining President Obama's health care plan.

Rep. John D. Dingell, a Democrat and a lead author of health care legislation in the House, did his best to remain composed, even as many constituents and other residents argued that the plan is socialized medicine and rained down fury against a smaller group of supporters for the plan.

"You're a fraud, you have not read the bill," screamed Mike Sola, who got directly in the lawmaker's face in furious confrontation, wheeling his 36-year-old son, Scott, who has cerebral palsy, directly to the podium before police stepped in and encouraged the Milan, Mich., man to leave. He asserted that the bill would not help his disabled child. . . . .



Blogger Paul Gordon said...

"You're a fraud, you have not read the bill,"...

What a concept; they should actually acquire some KNOWLEDGE about the bills they vote into law?

These parasites bring to mind some of the old "The peasants are revolting!" jokes, with laughter muted by the fact the the word "peasants" EXACTLY conveys their attitude towards us.

Michigan did a major recall of state legislators a long time ago (over property taxes, I think), and many of us here in Texas cheered them for it.

It may be time to consider such, this time on a national level.


8/11/2009 9:56 AM  

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