The NRA petition for Cert

A copy of the NRA petition for Cert before the Supreme Court is available to read here.

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Thank you Dr. Lott for posting the link to the Writ. A very interesting read it was, and what struck me as odd, is the fact that Chigago will only allow firearms if one has a permit, yet does not issue permits (bottom of page 16, and continues into page 17).

Timothy Leary, anyone? Remarkably similar in context to Mr. Leary's case, yet I believe that the outcome of this case will be far different.

The NRA's argument (page 17) is quite clear, and to the point.

Some of the 'longer argument' seems to point out bad decisions made by SCOTUS, and how they were used by some Courts of Appeal to negate the Fourteenth Amendment, while other Appeals decisions upheld incorporation for 'select' amendments.

A solid case, in my opinion. I hope we win.

6/07/2009 6:49 PM  

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