Copy of Final Stimulus Bill Available here

A copy of the final bill (still marked up with editing notes on it) is available here. Not only did they give people fewer than 20 hours to look at this, they also didn't even have a clean copy to look at. This monstrosity is entitled "American Recovery and
Reinvestment – Conference Report."

The Wall Street Journal discusses the lack of transparency behind this bill.

For my commentary on this please see here, here and here.



Blogger The Intellectual Redneck said...

Will the stimulus bill compromise lower your tax rebate to $8 per week? That appears to be true. The final version has not been passed, but reports indicate the $500 per year in reduced tax withholding has been reduced to $400 per individual and $800 per couple. That only comes to $8 per week for an individual and $16 for a couple. If they start the payments in June and make it retroactive to the beginning of the year, you will get $13 per week until next January. Then, your rebate would drop to the $8 per week level. Are you felling stimulated yet? In a stimulus bill of almost $1 trillion dollars, you would think President Obama would have more for the working class.

2/14/2009 7:05 AM  

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