One man who is glad that he kept his gun handy in his bedroom

This is a real tragedy, but this family apparently didn't have much of an alternative. This story also discusses a 911 call that wasn't responded to quickly enough. The full article is here.

Investigators say Colter Roberts had first attacked his 48-year-old mother with his fists and then beat her with the broomstick. He then went after his 30-year-old girlfriend with a knife.

Colter Roberts' 7-year-old sister was in the home, but not injured, Christian said.

Colter Roberts then ran from the kitchen into a hallway with a knife, screaming that he was going to kill everyone in the house. He also used the knife to slash the walls of the hallway and headed into the bedroom where his father was sleeping.

Van Roberts, 48, tried to talk to his son, but told police his efforts were unsuccessful. He described his son as "a madman running at him with a knife, screaming," Christian said.

Van Roberts grabbed his shotgun and warned his son, but the son failed to drop the knife. Van Roberts fired one shot, striking his son in the arm.

Colter Roberts continued with the attack, and his father fired another shot, striking him in the torso, Christian said. Colter Roberts has a history of drug abuse and violence, Christian said. . . .

Thanks very much to Robert Jordan for the link.



Blogger cmblake6 said...

But, but, aren't the Police supposed to protect us at all times? Gee whiz! You'd think that we could count on them!

1/29/2009 3:42 AM  

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