Homeowner defends himself with a gun

WHIOtv.com has the story here:

Police: Homeowner Shoots Burglar In Garage
Thursday, January 22, 2009 – updated: 6:27 pm EST January 22, 2009

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- Authorities said a Springfield man came face to face wit a burglar and ended up shooting him.
Alvin Cobb said his wife noticed that their garage door was open, and when he went investigate, the burglar charged toward him.
Cobb said, "Whoever he was he was right on top of me. He was at me attacking me and had his hand drawn back. I don't want to kill anybody, but I don't want anybody to hurt me either."
According to Cobb, everything happened quickly. He said he did not have enough time to think. He was able to lift his arms to try to and defend himself and that is when a handgun he was carrying fired.
"When he hit me the gun went off," Cobb said. "I know I shot him because he bled on me."
The intruder took off, leaving a trail of blood around the block. Police were able to track the blood trail down the block but didn't find anyone. . . .



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