The financial crisis facing the liberal media

Bill O'Reilly has this summary of the financial problems facing the media today here. His list doesn't include the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

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Blogger Raven Lunatic said...

It occurs to me that the reason liberal papers are being hit hard is that the majority of news sources online have a liberal slant, and as such conservatives continue with their paper media, because they haven't a viable intartube based alternative.

1/25/2009 11:04 PM  
Blogger juandos said...

Well I don't have any confidence in the rantings of that closet socialist O'Reilly...

It was mere dumb luck on his part that he fell into talking about how newspapers are failing but years after everyone else who had been paying attention...

Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist

1/26/2009 6:56 AM  

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