Types of important infrastructure projects that the U.S. Conference of Mayors wants from Obama

The WSJ has this list:

- Hercules, Calif., wants $2.5 million in hard-earned taxpayer money for a "Waterfront Duck Pond Park," and another $200,000 for a dog park.

- Euless, Texas, wants $15 million for the Midway Park Family Life Center, which, you'll be glad to note, includes both a senior center and aquatic facility.

- Natchez, Miss., "needs" a new $9.5 million sports complex "which would allow our city to host major regional and national sports tournaments."

- Henderson, Nev., is asking for $20 million to help "develop a 60 acre multi-use sports field complex."

- Brigham City, Utah, wants $15 million for a sports park.

- Arlington, Texas, needs $4 million to expand its tennis center.

- Miami, Fla., needs $15 million for a "Moore Park Community Center, Tennis Center and Day Care" facility. The city is also desperate for $3.6 million to build a covered basketball court and a new tennis court at Robert King High Park. Then there's the $94 million Orange Bowl parking garage you are being asked to pay for.

- La Porte, Texas, wants $7.6 million for a "Life Style Center." And Oakland, Calif., needs $1 million for Fruitvale Latino Cultural and Performing Arts Center.

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Blogger Ken & Carol said...

Don't those "ready-to-go" projects sound an awful lot like shh "earmarks?"

12/10/2008 1:09 PM  
Blogger Proof said...

Makes the auto bail out sound like a real bargain in comparison!

12/10/2008 6:26 PM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Dr. Lott; Even I must now submit that your 'Title' of this blog subject is a wee bit partisan, and or biased.

If perhaps you had made mention of how the 'bailout' phenomenon has affected politicians on many a level, I could accept that.

BHO has yet to address this (according to the WSJ, which is your source) and yet I can see him in the future, pandering to those who support him. After all, that is what he has always done in the past.

If you had posted this as an prediction, I would whole heartedly agree.

What I can see occuring is that there will be those whom attack you for the fact that you were premature in this, your 'Title'.

A minor faux pas yes, but one they will use against you.

Then again, they manufacture complete lies to drag you down, so whatever they do here, will not suprise me. Why give those who oppose you, ammo to attack you with?

12/10/2008 7:54 PM  

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