House Tries to rescind DC gun rules

Unfortunately, I think that this bill is much more for show than anything else. The Senate is not going to do anything with this.

WASHINGTON — The House moved Wednesday to compel the nation's capital to broaden the rights of its residents to buy and own firearms, including semiautomatic weapons.

Critics, led by the District of Columbia's sole delegate to Congress, decried the action. They said the vote tramples on the District's rights to govern itself and could endanger both residents and political dignitaries who so often travel across the city.

But the National Rifle Association-backed bill passed easily, 266-152, with supporters saying they were determined to give D.C. residents the same Second Amendment right of self-defense that has been available to other Americans. . . .

Thanks to Tony Troglio for the link.

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Blogger Mark Horning said...

They should rescind "Home Rule", it's an unconstitutional delegation of power from the Congress.

Alternatively, and perhaps better yet, they should simply retroceed most of the district back to Maryland and Virginia.

The "National Capitol" should include the government offices, museums, national mall and that's about it.

9/18/2008 2:59 AM  

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