NY Times claims that Lieberman "could be approaching divorce" with the Democratic Party

This is likely to be hyperbole, but you can judge it for yourself.

Clearly, Mr. Lieberman’s already precarious marriage with the Democrats has reached a new level of discord and could be approaching divorce, if not necessarily a remarriage into the Republican Party. The strain has been rooted largely in Mr. Lieberman’s steadfast support for the Bush administration’s engagement in Iraq and his hawkish views on Iran. He has not ruled out switching parties but has stopped short of saying he has moved so far from the Democratic Party — or, in his view, the other way around — that he is at a point of no return. . . .

Presumably a break could occur if one is going to take place if Lieberman addresses the Republican Convention in September.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was Ronald Regan who said "I didn't leave the party, the party left me!"

That's me after Carter, and I would guess Lieberman REALLY feels the party has left him...

Peter in W.Ma

7/14/2008 5:06 PM  

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