Illinois State Police advice to women who are attacked by criminals

This is from a talk that Suzanna Hupp gave in Chicago.

Thanks to Lou Berardi for the link.

Of course, the Chicago media just wouldn't cover this event. NewsBusters as a discussion on the lack of coverage here.

Thanks to Ronald Oglesby for the link.



Anonymous illinois voter said...

This is the way Illinois protects it's women.

Direct quote from The ISP website.


" If You Are Confronted...

Before you fight

Fighting for your safety may be necessary. However, if you start out fighting you cancel any other options that might be open to you. Since many attacks on women are not sexually motivated, and are designed to degrade and humiliate, talking your way out of it may be easier.

There is documentation of assailants that left a would-be-victim alone after she told him that she was pregnant and it would kill her baby. (Some case were women that were too old to even have a baby.)
Telling an attacker that you have VD or AIDS can discourage him.
It may sound disgusting, but putting your fingers into you throat and making yourself vomit usually gets results. (This method is not often used except as a last resort.)
Use your imagination and you can think of others.
The above methods are particularly important if your assailant has a gun or knife, or there is more than one attacker. (Fighting would probably be futile.)"

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