What to look for in Heller v. DC

The Heller case before the Supreme Court will be decided sometime during the next seven and a half days. A website called Concurring Opinions has a very nice summary of what is at stake in the case and how the court is likely to rule. The site is well worth visiting for this discussion.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was rather excited when I heard about the Supreme Courts decision to finally address the outrageous treatment of the 2nd amenment. It is simply unbeliveable that our rights can be taken away by simply saying that what is written doesn't mean what it says.[ reminds me of our former wanting to know the definitation of "is"]. However, as I read more about the case it appears that even with a positive decision the questions surrounding the "real" meaning of 2nd amenment will probably not be settled ion my lifetime!

6/17/2008 5:54 PM  

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