Philadelphia's Mayor Nutter gets put on the spot regarding gun control laws

Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell gets his question asked to Mayor Nutter. Nutter apparently did not do a good job responding to that question or other ones that followed.

I was happy that the reporter asked a follow up question, from a questioner asking how he expected gun control to be effective in Philadelphia when it hasn’t been effective in Washington DC at reducing crime. The Mayor doged that question by suggesting that things in DC were “complicated” and that it wasn’t a simple problem. He then went to provide the example of New York City, which has what he called “more reasonable” gun laws (New York law amounts to near total prohibition, BTW, except for the rich and famous) and has managed to lower its crime rate. The reporter fired back at him, again using part of this reader’s question which stated that New York City’s gun laws were decades old, and crime only recently began to drop there. Mayor Nutter dodged again, suggesting the questioner come live in Philadelphia for a bit, and then see if he feels the same way about gun control. Well, I can be pretty sure if I had to live there, I would cling to my guns like the most bitter and religious person Barack Obama could possibly imagine!



Blogger Voolfie said...

That was my question about NYC & DC...and I DO live in Philadelphia! -JW

6/05/2008 9:56 AM  

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