Ohio: Local shooting classes for ladies only

Getting women over their fears about guns. To me the most interesting claim was how some women didn't want to get a permit because they were concerned their names would be made public.

FREMONT --As more and more women are becoming aware of the importance of being trained in self defense, many of them are considering becoming licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Often, the biggest challenge these women face is the fear of attending the mandatory basic pistol class with a room full of men. Certified concealed carry training courses are required by the Sandusky County Sheriff's Department before permits are issued. Faith Ferkel will soon be solving that problem by offering all-ladies pistol training courses.

Ferkel, a nationally certified instructor from Fremont, has heard the same story over and over from women. They're concerned about personal safety and would like to learn to handle a gun, but are intimidated by the thought of learning in front of men. Ferkel's women-only classes will not only create a comfortable environment for the women, but will also give her the freedom to speak about gun issues that are specific to women, such as holster designs that fit the female body.

"Some women are afraid of guns. They're open to them, but they're afraid of them," she said. "We can go as slow as we need to. I want to provide a safe, non-threatening environment where they're going to learn."

Ferkel has also heard concerns from women who are hesitant to obtain a concealed carry permit because they are afraid of having their names and addresses made public. . . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Lott: Please point out that in firearm sports, men and women are equal. There are no special rules for women. It does not take extrodinary strength to operate a firearm. It does take self control.

Sam Wilson

6/03/2008 6:37 PM  

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