The Chicago Tribune's John Kass on the inequities in Chicago's Handgun Ban

It is an interesting piece:

That Washington, D.C., gun ban that the Supreme Court should toss out any day now because it is unconstitutional is often compared to the handgun ban in Chicago.

But what's not often reported by the decidedly pro-gun-control media is that since Chicago's anti-handgun law went into effect in 1982, only two classes of people have had ready access to firearms:

The criminals. And the politicians. . . .

In Chicago, our politicians often go around surrounded by armed bodyguards on the city payroll. Or they walk our streets strapped. Or they know a guy who knows a guy in some suburb, and they become deputized peace officers so they can carry. . . .

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Blogger davod said...

After the unlawfull combatants ruling I am a little worried that th DC Gun Ban ruling will turn out badly for gunn rights.

6/19/2008 8:25 AM  

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