Animal Rights Terrorists Strike Again at UCLA

While his statement isn't bad, I wish that UCLA's chancellor, Gene D. Block, would have been even stronger. "Extremist" isn't a strong enough term. The Chronicle of Higher Education has this:

Animal-Rights Militants Say They Torched a UCLA Van

The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the burning of an empty van that belonged to the University of California at Los Angeles, apparently the latest in a series of attacks aimed at faculty members and institutions that conduct research on animals.

The incident, on June 3, is being investigated by the university police and the FBI. Earlier this year, activists set off a firebomb at the home of a UCLA professor whose research includes the use of animals. Nobody was injured in that attack.

The torched vehicle, which was part of a fleet of 150 vans providing commuter service to UCLA faculty members, was set on fire while parked overnight in a park-and-ride facility in nearby Irvine. Nobody was injured, but the vehicle was declared a total loss.

The militant animal-rights group claimed responsibility through an anonymous communiqué sent to the magazine Bite Back and later uploaded to the Animal Liberation Front’s Web site.

The university’s chancellor, Gene D. Block, said in a written statement, “The extremists have crossed yet another threshold and directed violence at individuals and property not associated with animal research.”



Anonymous Keith said...

It's a dodgy subject i should stay well out of, but here goes:

The sicko's do no good at all to anyone, however the labs have to start explaining what they actually do.

a tiny minority of the "research" is connected with medicine, and even that is of dubious value;

animal models are too often not relevant to humans (e.g. rats and mice can quite happily drink ethylene glycol, it is highly poisonous to humans, Humans can happily enjoy sun flower seeds and oil, it poisons guineapigs, chocolate is highly poisonous to many animals) very simplistic examples, but they illustrate that animal reactions and human reactions are not always accurate reflections of each other.

Results are more affected by the mood of the critter than by the substance being tested. Animal labs attract sadistic perverts just as childrens homes attract paedophiles, those critters are not having good lives, and it skews the results.

Most of the work done in commercial labs is "testing" yet another version of a soap, shampoo, deoderant, hair conditioner, dish washer detergent etc, same ingredients and formulation as they tested for some one else the week before.... needless waste of time effort money and critters.

Uni "research" is too often along the lines of "kittens with eyes removed at birth behaved .. compared with the controll group. weight ot certain brain part at 16 weeks was...."

Lot of benefit to humanity that lot is.

In summary, the sickos do no one any good, but do tend to divert attention from much needless cruelty which does go on.

PS my missus was cognitive psychologist, and has post grad diploma animal welfare &behaviour

6/19/2008 4:35 AM  
Blogger AnimalLover22 said...

These animal advocates have killed no one ... ever. Terrorists murder innocent people.

UCLA researcher Edythe London was torturing animals for Philip Morris.

6/23/2008 4:49 PM  

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