So much for campaign finance regulation

From the Politico:

Wealthy Democrats are preparing a four-month, $40 million media campaign centered on attacks on Sen. John McCain. And it will be led by David Brock, the former investigative reporter who first gained fame in the 1990s as a right-wing, anti-Clinton journalist. . . .

But after a dinner Tuesday night at the Manhattan apartment of liberal megadonor George Soros, at which Brock and consultant Paul Begala laid out the group's plans, Brock said his group now has commitments worth $7.5 million — almost twice what the Fund for America is expected to report raising in the first quarter of this year. He said the group would begin running ads before it meets its $40 million goal. . . .

Just again shows that the donations just take another form.



Blogger jonathan said...

ha! that's rich.

i've seen david brock ball his eyes out on camera, while referring to everything he did to smear the clintons with watergate as political terrorism.

so if you pay him enough, he'll do it to a republican, too? so much for journalistic integrity, mr. brock.

4/10/2008 3:33 PM  

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