News piece up at Fox News: Abortion Rate Among Black Women Far Exceeds Rate for Other Groups

I have a news piece on Fox with Sonya here:

The revelation a few weeks ago that Planned Parenthood employees had encouraged telephone donations from callers hoping to facilitate abortions of black babies — money that was "offered" from members of an anti-abortion group at UCLA — led to a quick apology from the family planning organization. Planned Parenthood said its employees made a "serious mistake" in encouraging the donations.

The callers contacted Planned Parenthood's vice presidents of development and marketing in Idaho and Oklahoma, other officials at their Ohio and New Mexico offices and officials in three other (so far) unnamed states because the UCLA group suspected that Planned Parenthood was specifically targeting minorities and minority neighborhoods for abortions.

The donor and a representative of New Mexico Planned Parenthood were recorded as saying: . . .

Some discussions of the piece can be found here.

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