Charlton Heston on Global Warming

You can listen to him here. The discussion is from Michael Crichton's book, "State of Fear."

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Blogger bobal said...

Well, Heston was a nice guy and all, and I'm a 2nd Amendment type, but, listened to carefully, that's insane.

4/08/2008 12:54 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

I guess that I don't find the discussion from Crichton's book insane. Possibly you can explain why you think that it is wrong, let alone insane.

4/08/2008 3:05 PM  
Blogger bobal said...

Well, good grief. If all the nuclear bombs go off, and the earth is a radioactive oven for 100,000 years, all is well! The earth itself survives! And no ozone--well, it aids evolution! Not that the whole process would ever bring us back again, the only organism that's had a hint of something other than tooth and claw, but not to worry, the earth survives! Until the sun goes red giant, anyways...what me worry.

4/08/2008 9:45 PM  
Blogger bobal said...

Put another way, most people couldn't contemplate 100,000 years of a radioactive oven, and the end of the human race, with such equanimity as Heston seems to do.

4/08/2008 10:01 PM  

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