More trouble for Senator Joe Lieberman from Bill Clinton

Not quite riding to the rescue. Bill Clinton is going to campaign for Lieberman this week. At first it seemed as if Clinton was riding in to save his old friend (someone who has been his friend since law school). Well, it turns out that Bill Clinton is following Hillary on how to deal with Lieberman after the primary. That is they both will support the Democratic nominee, whoever it is. My question is whether in the long run it is better for Lieberman that Clinton simply not come to campaign for him this week. After all, won't it come back to hurt him more with Democratic voters in the general election to keep reminding them that other major democrats, even the ones who supported him during the primary, left him during the general election?

The poll results were not the only bad news for Mr. Lieberman yesterday. A spokesman for Bill Clinton said the former president will support the winner of the Democratic primary, even if it's not Mr. Lieberman.
"He's known Senator Lieberman for over 30 years and while he doesn't agree with him on every issue he thinks he has been a good senator, has the right position on most key Democratic issues and is going to work to help him win the primary," Jay Carson told the Election Central blog. "However, he respects the primary process and will support the candidate that wins the Democratic Primary and work to help that candidate win."


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