"Cars" gets a high rating.

"Cars" is a very good movie, and, as Joni Ogle wrote me, it is "cute." I don't think that I liked it as much as "The Incredibles" (that movie's extolling the virtues of being talented was just too good), but "Cars" has basically a good message and is done in a nice way. When you think about it, cars are pretty politically incorrect, especially race cars. I was a little concerned that there were so many possible politically correct environmental messages that could have been put in the picture, but thankfully I didn't notice anything. The movie also had lots of nice touches (the Cadillac shaped mountains behind the town, the pin striping on the Porche's rear end, the way that the trophy was pushed out towards the winner of the last race, and on and on). Any movie that makes young kids have a positive view of race cars has to be rated by me as good.


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