And the winner of the drawing gets

I might have run things differently (and surely explained things differently), but I am sure that they will get people's attention:

A conservative college journal at Clemson is sponsoring a drawing for an AK-47 rifle early next month as a fundraiser and as a way to celebrate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The Tiger Town Observer is sponsoring a drawing for the assault-style weapon March 2. The group will take names and donations for the drawing beginning Feb. 27.

Andrew Davis, editor of the Observer, said the group got the idea from a conservative publication at the University of Illinois in Urbana. Davis said the first drawing in Illinois was so successful that the Urbana paper was now holding monthly drawings for a variety of weapons.

Davis said the Observer staff chose the AK-47 because it is a renowned weapon that was once illegal. "Given that the AK-47 is such a high-profile gun, we're expecting to expand to all demographics - not just the hunters and gun fanatics that we have right now," Davis said. . . .

The winner of the drawing will receive a gift certificate for the AK-47, a box of standard ammunition, safety instruction, a trip to the gun range and a book, "The Bias Against Guns," by John Lott.


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