"Kill Climate Deniers" — Australia government-funded fantasy play where “guns” solve climate issues by killing off deniers

Well, at least in Australia, government funds are being put to good use.  The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) gave $18,793 to put on a play about how to solve the debate over climate change: shoot to death those horrible deniers.  Apparently, environmentalists feel that the problem is so bad that they are justified in killing those that disagree with them.  And people wonder why their might be opposition to government funding art projects.  And why conservatives have the attitude: you like the art, you can pay for it.  From the Art Hub in Australia:
‘We got really interested in talking about the climate debate, and we were wondering why it was that in Australia the debate had stalled so badly; what is it about this country? And then we moved on to asking what would it take to shift the debate forward again – what would it actually take to generate real political change?’ said Finnigan. 
The answer they came up with (‘though not one that I feel comfortable or very positive about,’ he stressed) was guns. 
Subsequently, Finnigan wrote an action movie-style drama in which Parliament House is invaded by gun-toting eco-terrorists. With the Government held hostage, and facing the threat of imminent execution unless she ends global warming immediately, the embattled Environment Minister has no choice but to defend her ideals – one bullet at a time. 
‘It’s a really fun, really action-packed, really over the top hostage drama, and action film genre piece; and hanging from that are some really important questions about the climate debate,’ Finnigan said. 
‘Essentially, at the bottom line, what happens when our elected government is unable to deal with the problems that we’re facing? We have a huge, world-threatening problem that is taking place over the span of decades on the one hand, and we have a two party system where it’s mostly a media-cycle driven combat between two parties who are focused on the next election. So the tools to not seem to fit to deal with the problem.’



Blogger Chas said...

The "Climate Change" fraud as justification for totalitarian government. Funny how everything Marxists are upset about requires totalitarian government to correct. All the outrage of SJWs runs inevitably in that direction, as if they mean to get there by any means necessary.

4/20/2016 3:38 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

The debate has stalled because most people have realized that the anthropogenic aspect of AGW is a self-serving lie perpetrated by the political left to rationalize their taking power over every aspect of our lives.

4/20/2016 3:43 PM  

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