Yet another Obama administration official uses pseudonym in work emails: Eric Holder aka Lew Alcindor

Eric Holder joins Lisa Jackson, Lois Lerner, Obama administration in gun control push, Labor Department officials, and many others in the administration in using a pseudonym in emails and Twitter to hide their identity.  Obviously, Hillary Clinton hid here information from Freedom of Information Act requests in other ways.  From Fox News:
Former Attorney General Eric Holder not only used an email alias to conduct formal agency business, but appropriated the birth name of one of his idols, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, according to the Department of Justice. 
“I was floored,” said investigative journalist Jason Leopold, who received a batch of “heavily redacted” documents through a FOIA lawsuit this week. At the top was a letter, announcing that “emails in the enclosed documents which use the account name ‘Lew Alcindor’ (Abdul-Jabbar) denote emails to or from Attorney General Eric Holder.” 
“It was incredible,” said Leopold, who was seeking DOJ emails regarding a request for the agency to open a probe into charges that the CIA had been spying on the Senate intelligence committee staff. Leopold broke the story about the bizarre Holder-Alcindor alias for VICE News on Thursday. 
“People may say, ‘what’s the big deal?’ but this is so important,” Leopold tells FoxNews.com. He insists that using an alias might complicate document searches, pointing out that the emails he received don’t even mention Holder’s name. 
“It raises the question of whether they are trying to thwart public records requests and the Federal Records Act. It just seems shady.” . . .



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Anyone who expects honesty from communists is a fool.

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