No conscience: Mother Jones Cherry-picks quotes to make Ted Nugent look anti-semitic

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Would I have included a graphic with Israeli flags next to Jews who support gun control?  Probably not, because no matter what my intent I would worry that it would be misinterpreted.  Nor would I ever use the inflammatory language Ted uses, but Ted is fighting to let Jews protect themselves.  How many anti-semitics would fight with ever fiber of their being to make sure that Jews in particular have the right to own guns for protection?  The problem with people such as Mark Follman and Mother Jones is that they deliberately cherry-pick from Ted's statements to make him look anti-semitic.

The point that Ted was making is that some Jews haven't learned one important lesson from the Holocaust, a lesson that was behind the push to create the Jewish state: an attempt to create a safe place for Jews.  Anyone who takes a minute or two to read what Ted has written would know that he has one bottom line: let Jews protect themselves so that they can keep another Holocaust from ever happening.

Here is from a post that Ted also put up on Monday.  Why didn't Mother Jones quote this or at least try to explain it away?

As to the "Soulless sheep to slaughter" comment.  Couldn't Mother Jones have noted the full discussion?  See for example this discussion in the same post.

There are so many quotes that Mother Jones missed.  Ted writes in just a way that it is possible to take a short discussion out of context.  The question is why someone wants to go out of their way to take his statements out of context.  Why would anyone trust Mother Jones?

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