Donald Trump's changing positions on many issues over the last year (It isn't just the massive changes over the last decade)

Everyone knows that Donald Trump has been a Democrat, Independent, flirted with Ross Perot's Reform Party (from the left), and finally running as a Republican.  But it isn't just on abortion, taxes, Obamacare, Obama's economic policies, and gun control that Trump has had radical changes in his political views.

While saying that he is a conservative, he has attacked Republicans as being "captives of their right wing."

 Take changes over the last year:

-- Medicare: 

On October 25, 2015 on ABC News:
on ABC News’ "This Week” where Trump said he agreed with Carson’s plan to replace the 50-year-old Medicare system with health savings accounts (HSA)."I’m OK with the savings accounts. I think it’s a good idea,” Trump said Sunday. “It’s a very down-the-middle idea. It works. It’s something that’s proven.”
On the question Sunday about whether he agreed with Carson’s idea that "Medicare probably won’t be necessary,” Trump said, "It’s possible. You’re going to have to look at that. But I’ll tell you what; the health savings accounts, I’ve been talking about it also. I think it’s a very good idea … it’s an idea whose probably time has come.”
On MSNBC (liberal audience) on October 27, 2015
"Ben [Carson] wants to knock out Medicare. I heard that over the weekend. He wants to abolish Medicare,” Trump said of Carson’s comments that Medicare “probably won’t be necessary” under his health care plan.
Trump added: “Abolishing Medicare, I don't think you'll get away with that one. It's actually a program that's worked. It’s a program that some people love, actually.”
The Washington Post has a long list of quotes from this year on Trump’s plan to defeat the Islamic State, Trump’s plan for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States,
 Trump’s plan for tax reform, Trump’s plan for the nuclear deal with Iran, and Trump’s plan for “Obamacare.

There is a good reason that a lot of conservatives and libertarians are very concerned about Trump's candidacy  (see this discussion at NR).



Blogger August said...

This is not going to work. I find it rather funny; the beltway GOP simply refuses to listen to us. This is the reason Trump is rising. This full court press against him merely bolsters his appeal. He can't buy better publicity. He may also be able to get the National Review in serious trouble- apparently they've been operating as a nonprofit, and this violates the rules.

I've been politically aware since high school. I remember my moment of hope- the contract with America. Thought Newt was cool; now I know he is a jerk. I probably won't vote, because I don't vote, not since McCain/Obama- and the fact that they both supported the bailouts. There was no point to this charade anymore.

You can't appeal to conservative values because the GOP has been doing nothing but paying lip service and then caving. Even when they were in good positions, they wouldn't risk. So it doesn't matter. Trump is just not them. These campaigns serve to prove the point. D.C. is a really bad echo chamber.

1/25/2016 4:16 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

Trump is too volatile, too emotional in his views. That's why I prefer Cruz, especially on the Second Amendment. Cruz's views on gun rights come across as well thought out, deep convictions. As such, I trust him, to the extent that any politician can be trusted. I vividly remember getting burned by George Pataki, who used gun owner support to defeat the utterly horrible Mario Cuomo, and then turned on us with his "religious conversion" to gun control. I fear that same thing happening from flakey billionaire and New Yorker, Donald Trump. I do not trust Trump actually support our gun rights. His pleasant sounding, off the cuff, sound bites on the issue seem to imply support, but they are not cogent, hard arguments in favor of the Second Amendment. I do trust Texan Ted Cruz, whose plain statements in direct support of the Second Amendment must sound like fingernails on a chalkboard to the anti-gunners. I go with Ted, though if Trump wins the nomination, it's 100% Trump, against whatever despicable POS survives the Dems' process.

1/31/2016 4:29 PM  

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