Tesla's Model S has a below-average reliability score, no longer considered a top pick from Consumer's Report

My guess is that a lot of the well to do people who buy Tesla cars don't have a lot of time to waste getting their cars fixed.  From CNN:
Tesla (TSLA)'s Model S earned a below-average reliability score in a recent Consumer Reports survey of owners. . . . . 
The bottom line is that the Model S is fun to drive, with great handling and amazing acceleration, but it also suffers from more than its share of annoying technical glitches, according to the magazine.  
About 1,400 Tesla owners surveyed complained of problems with the car's charging equipment, center console area and things like door and windows. They also had issues with the car's electric drive systems and they complained about rattles, squeaks and leaks in the sunroof.  
Tesla shares slid 10% shortly after Consumer Reports released the survey. . . .



Blogger Abdul Abulbul Amir said...

It's a third car for the ultra rich. A bit of down time is no big price to pay for primo virtue signaling.

10/25/2015 10:53 PM  

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