Gun control advocates think that smart guns will allow them to control where guns can be used, they are in for a rude shock

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Marcos Portnoi and Chien-Chung Shen at the University of Delaware have a new paper entitled: "Wireless-Delimited Secure Zones with Encrypted Attribute-Based Broadcast for Safe Firearms"
From the abstract:
This work presents an application of the highly expressive Attribute-Based Encryption to implement wireless- delimited Secure Zones for firearms. Within these zones, radio- transmitted local policies based on attributes of the consumer and the firearm are received by embedded hardware in the firearms, which then advises the consumer about safe operations. The Secure Zones utilize Attribute-Based Encryption to encode the policies and consumer or user attributes, and providing privacy and security through it cryptography. We describe a holistic approach to evolving the firearm to a cyber-physical system to aid in augmenting safety. We introduce a conceptual model for a firearm equipped with sensors and a context-aware software agent. Based on the information from the sensors, the agent can access the context and inform the consumer of potential unsafe operations. To support Secure Zones and the cyber-physical firearm model, we propose a Key Infrastructure Scheme for key generation, distribution, and management, and a Context-Aware Software Agent Framework for Firearms. 
The notion is that instead of controlling gun sales, WiFi signals could be used to turn guns off in certain areas.  But does anyone think that criminals can't get around this?  Either by using a traditional gun or disabling the electronic safety on their gun.  In addition, if criminals get ahold of these Wifi signals that disable gun, it might allow them to disarm their victims before the criminals attack them.



Blogger Pefi said...

They must be joking. Anyone can jam the WiFi, RFID or any other radio based system. Existence of jammers makes their "invention" not only useles but also very danger. (I assume they will find a solution in outlawing the RF jammers.)

It is another security "solution" that would lead to reduced security.

Criminals will always have legacy guns available. Therefore the worst possible outcome of their invention is that guards will have locked guns due to the RF jamming, while the criminals will have fully functional legacy guns.

11/11/2014 12:45 PM  
Blogger Jerry The Geek said...

Oh, Christ on a frigging crutch ... just one more example of how Liberals expect to make society "better" by using technology instead of fixing the system.

No, I have no idea how that would work; but neither do they. However, they are perfectly comfortable in the certitude that they (Liberal Politicians) can assure their re-election by "doing something".

Even if it's just passing "feel-good" laws which are ineffective (also bone-headed, obtrusive, intrusive, unconstitutional ... etc.), politicians willingly compromise the civil rights of their constituents in pandering to those who take the Constitution for granted.

"We can make you safe by passing laws!"

This is the Big Lie ... writ large.

Passing more Gun Control Laws will NEVER make us safe.

11/12/2014 2:03 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The most obvious problem
with "Chip guns" (smart guns) has not been discussed, which is removal of the "smart chip". Copyright Chip removal was common with VCRs back in the 80s when Congress mandated them by law. "SmartGun chips" will be no different .

11/12/2014 9:40 AM  

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