KFC employee uses gun to stop armed robbery: Police say "employee's quick action could have meant the difference between life and death"

From Alabama's WVTM TV in Birmingham:
. . . Around 6:30 Sunday night, two men walked into KFC in Ensley and they were armed. At the time, there were no customers inside the fast food restaurant but it was filled with employees.  One of those employees was forced into action.  
"He wanted to flee for cover. So in the process of fleeing he was shot and after he was shot he grabbed his weapon and returned fire,” Lt. Sean Edwards with the Birmingham Police Department described.  
That employee shot one of the suspects in the stomach before both suspects fled the scene. 
The injured suspect eventually turned up at a local hospital for his injuries. The second suspect is still on the loose.  . . . 
What happened at KFC is unusual and the response is not something law enforcement recommends.  But in this situation, Birmingham police say this employee's quick action could have meant the difference between life and death. . . . .
Thanks to Michael Wahl for this link. 



Blogger Gladorn said...

Please keep me updated on this incident. A significant number of jobs (pizza delivery, gas station attendant, convenience store employee, et al.) often have rules that prevent the carrying of a weapon. I would hope that the employee is not later fired for the possession of their handgun. (I've seen it happen too often in my area.)

10/30/2014 3:03 PM  

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