Another case where registration type records are used for confiscating guns?:Government retroactively changing its mind on what is a legal gun

From Fox News Insider:
Joseph Palumbo, owner of the Albion Gun Shop in Albion, New York, was forced by state police to hand over 165 customer records or risk having his store raided. 
Palumbo spoke to Tucker Carlson this morning on Fox and Friends Weekend and explained that the police said they were looking for anyone who had purchased a modified AR-15 rifle. 
Although the police did not have a written order to seize the customer records, Palumbo said they made it clear there was the imminent threat of a SWAT team raid of his store, so he complied and handed over the records. . . .
"We had been told by the state police that this modification was legal over a year ago," said Palumbo, who has hired an attorney specializing in the Second Amendment. . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unabated penetration of our borders by illegals and cartel smugglers, home grown jihadi's by the hundreds, MS 13/Bloods/Crips/ whatever all over the cities and suburbs, drunk-drugged drivers everywhere and NY State Police are worried about the fact that a rifle sold with an FBI backround check, and that is legal in 46 other states, has an adjustable stock?

Its a sad day in law enforcement.

9/08/2014 2:24 PM  

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