Did Senator Kirsten Gillibrand make up false claims about sexual harassment in the US Senate?

Why won't Senator Gillibrand name the names of Senators who supposedly engaged in sexual harassment?  Gillibrand wants to have it both ways.  She wants to have the publicity from claiming the incidents occurred but she doesn't want to actually let the people who supposedly did this defend themselves.  Unfortunately, Howard Kurtz doesn't go quite far enough on this discussion.  He assumes that her claims are true (and they may be), but what if they aren't?  What if she is making up claims just to help herself out politically?

UPDATE: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) comes to the same conclusion that I did.  
Johnson said members should have a chance to defend themselves, after Gillibrand detailed instances in a forthcoming book where she said some colleagues referred to her as "fat,” "porky” and “chubby.” 
"Well, if you are going to throw out accusations, my guess is you probably ought to name names," Johnson said on NewsMax TV. "If you are going to throw around those kind of accusations, you ought to give people a chance to defend themselves." . . .



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