General data on concealed handgun permits for five states, with a total of 2,601,424 permits

Annual reports are available here for FloridaKentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Utah.

Florida currently has 1,254,529 active permits (April 30, 2014), Michigan has 436,856 (May 1st, 2014), Minnesota 170,916 active permits in May 2014, Utah 535,857 permits.  Kentucky had 203,266 permits on December 31, 2012, though it has definitely increased since then.  These five states have more than 2,601,424 permits.



Blogger Unknown said...

Don't forget PA issued 786,000 and Texas at 576,000.

5/19/2014 10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, their must be millions of "shootouts at the wild west" and grannies blowing away innocents over a parking spot.

Oh wait....

5/19/2014 3:11 PM  

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