So if Democrats know what they are doing on gun control, why is it that so few people approve of his job on that issue?

A new Fox News poll shows that the approval/disapproval gap is bigger for Obama on gun control than it is on all but one other issue. 22 percentage points more people disapprove of Obama on gun control than approve of the job that he is doing.  But heck, that is only one percentage point worse than it is for the job that he is doing on the economy, and we all know how well that is going.

Even back in April when Obama was pushing hard for the Senate vote on gun control, his approval rating on this issue was only 39%.

(Note: I think that for Iran it is 35% approve/53% disapprove.)



Blogger Unknown said...

We don't know why the people disapprove of his job on gun control. It could be that people feel he's doing too much, or it could be that he isn't doing enough.

1/23/2014 7:27 AM  
Blogger hoffy97 said...

Keep in mind, a large portion of the disapproval may be those on the left who think he isn't doing ENOUGH. The "think of the children!" crowd wishes he would just do force policy by executive action since congress appears to be unable to move on it themselves.

There may even be some on the approval side who are happy that he's been ineffective in this regard. I couldn't bring myself to say I approve of him, but I'm glad congress has been able to hold back any control legislation.

1/23/2014 8:20 AM  

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