Man wakes up to find multiple men trying to break into his house, uses gun to stop attack

From the Youngstown, Ohio newspaper:
[Roy Hahn] didn’t know it was 12:30 in the morning, so he wondered if it was his girlfriend arriving to their home on Niles-Cortland Road near U.S. Route 422 in Niles.
“I called my girlfriend’s name a couple times, but she didn’t answer it,” he said during testimony in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court. 
He got up from his bed, walked to the kitchen and saw that “someome was prying the door open.” 
Moments later, he “looked out the window and saw someone or two people run to the front of the house, so I went back into my bedroom, I grabbed my shotgun, and I heard the front door being pried open, so I shot through the front door.” 
Hahn’s shotgun blast killed Terry Allen, 37, of Mineral Ridge and injured Burns, 33, of Mineral Ridge, but Hahn said he didn’t know that the shot hit anyone until Niles police arrived a short time later after Hahn’s call to Niles police. 
“There was two or three guys trying to get in the house,” he told the dispatcher. . . .



Blogger Gladorn said...

I'm glad that he's safe. But I'm unhappy to read that he "shot through the front door."

First, make sure of your target and what is beyond your target. Second, get an attorney before you make any statements to the police (or worse) or the press.

12/11/2013 8:06 PM  

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