Newest Fox News piece: "What we've learned from the very partial government slimdown"

My piece at Fox News starts this way:
The government slimdown, known in some quarters as the so-called “shutdown” hasn’t lived up to the disastrous predictions.

Federal government spending has been cut by 17 percent from the scheduled increase for the 2014 fiscal year. It is only a 13 percent cut from what was being spent during 2013.

Even the final cut will be much less than these percentages since furloughed workers are extremely unlikely to lose anything.

The overall reduction is not large when considering that during the last 4-and-a-half years government spending has grown by 21 percent. 
In other words, today, even during the temporary and partial government shutdown, we are spending more than when President Obama took office.  Do Americans really believe that their lives are so much better off from the increased government spending? . . .

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