Firm with history of "Rampant fraud" is hired by Obama adm to be major player in signing people up for Obamacare

Fraud would prevent a company from getting defense department contracts, but apparently it is OK for Obamacare.  Indeed, possibly it is desired because Obama at least wants it to look like there is demand for the new benefits.  From the New York Post:

Rampant fraud on a New York City contract last year didn’t stop a major nonprofit from landing a slew of federal contracts to sign people up for ObamaCare. 
Seedco, a New York-based community-development organization, was sued by the federal government for faking at least 1,400 of 6,500 job placements under a $22.2 million federally funded contract with the city. 
Eighteen months later, the feds and Seedco are teaming up again, this time to help medical-insurance seekers maneuver through the maze that is the Affordable Health Care Act. 
When ObamaCare’s open-enrollment period starts Tuesday, among the frontline agencies will be Seedco, which is partnering with dozens of agencies, such as the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Food Bank for New York City and the Chinese American Planning Council, in each of the five boroughs.
The national nonprofit has also lined up federal contracts with agencies in Georgia, where it has a $2.1 million contract, and Tennessee, where it has a $1.2 million contract. . . . . 



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