Democratic trickery on Obamacare, why they are selectively delaying parts of the law

Democrats want a lot of people to sign up for Obamacare during the first year.  To do that, they are willing to do whatever is necessary, including a lot of taxpayer money.  Democrats have ignored the law and simply allowed people to get larger subsidies than they are legally entitled to.  This is no different than the Democrats delaying the cap of out of pocket payments for a year.  Democrats realize that limiting out of pocket payments will increase insurance prices, and they want to delay those increases for a year so that voters will be less likely to blame Obamacare for the increases.  If the increases are spread out over a couple of years, Democrats figure that voters won't see the increases as being so directly related to Obamacare.  From Politico:
Potentially, Republicans may get a two-year delay of the 2.3 percent medical device tax in the law, given the levy’s unpopularity even among Democrats. Moreover, in recent days, Republicans have been asking for a requirement for income verification of Obamacare subsidies as part of a deal. 
But it remains to be seen whether Democrats will accept those Obamacare demands, especially since they have drawn a hard-line against any negotiations and instead called for a “clean” increase to the national debt ceiling and extension of government funding. . . .



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