Ann Coulter explains what "status anxiety" means

From an interview at Newsbusters:
NEWSBUSTERS: You must explain “status anxiety.” 
COULTER: [Laughs] Turn on MSNBC at any point of any day to see an exhibit of status anxiety. It's all just bullying. “Well, all the smart people believe in global warming,” and “All the smart people don't believe intelligent design.” It's completely contrary to facts. 
Consider that nightly, Chris Matthews cites Republican opposition to Darwinism or evolution. It's not evolution. Everything evolves. The question is the mechanism of Darwinism – the survival of the fittest, the random mutations, so on and so forth. 
Approximately one third of my book “Godless” is an attack on Darwinism. He sat with me for an hour for an interview on that very book. [Laughs] Did I get one single question about Darwinism? Why no, I did not. 
But in one of the presidential debates – and they've got to stop this having loyal Democratic foot soldiers be the moderators of our presidential debates – in the very next presidential election, there's Chris Matthews as a moderator. And he wants a show of hands of the Republicans who believe in Darwinism. That's like asking for a show of hands on do guns save lives before John Lott's book has come out and lots of people have read it. 
We are in the process of explaining and persuading people. This isn't something that can be done by a show of hands. People can be wrong about things. That's why there is continuing knowledge and people learn things, and sometimes change their minds about things. But you don't see it in the arrogance and the sneering, the sneering. Scientists who have vicious debates with one another do not sneer and mock one another. . . .



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