"15 Of The Craziest Disguised Guns Ever Made"

100 years ago in England just about everything that could be made into a gun was done so.  It is hard to believe that there were so incredibly few gun murders in the country at the time.  In 1900, in London, when there were no gun laws and guns took all sorts of disguises, there were two gun murders and five armed robberies.  In any case, here is a link to some pictures of guns that have been disguised as different things.  

The picture above reminded me of what some of the guns were once like in England.  While I think political correctness has infected some of the discussion, in particular ignoring that these guns were overwhelmingly owned by non-criminals (as the crime statistics for London discussed above implied), you can see this from the Black Museum in London:
We start at the gun drawer. As well as the rifles and replicas, it’s full of walking sticks, umbrellas, flick knives and other random bits of metal.  The Curator asks me to guess which are guns, pauses for a heartbeat, before stabbing with his finger: shotgun, shotgun, pistol, shotgun, pistol. The walking stick and umbrella are guns. Even the flick knife is a gun. All have been used on London streets. He demonstrates how quickly and easily they convert, where the barrels and triggers are, and shuts the drawer. The Curator is enjoying himself now, less begrudging by the minute. He picks up a sword and hands it to me. As I reach for it, he pulls off the hilt, which is a short, detachable blade, and makes to gut me with it. The Curator explains: a man attacked some people in a pub with the sword, pretended to hand it over when the police arrived, only to whip out the stabbing blade as the officer exposed his body. . . .

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