Gallup: Obama's Economic Approval Slips to 35%

There is a positive side for Obama in these numbers.  He had an even worse approval rating for the economy during the summer of 2011.  
While Obama's job rating on the economy is down from June, and on the low end of the range Gallup has recorded since 2012, it is still better than the 26% it fell to in the summer of 2011. That period represents a recent low point for Americans' views of both Washington leaders and the economy, owing to the clash between Obama and the Republicans in Congress over raising the federal debt ceiling in July 2011. . . .
A Fox News poll indicates that even most Democrats don't believe that Obama is offering any new ideas to finally get the economy going.  Overall, only 20 percent of Americans think that Obama is offering new ideas (click on next two figures to make numbers larger).

 The Fox News poll also has Obama obtaining the lowest approval rating of his presidency.

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