Obama TSA 'cooked the books' to inflate screening costs, by more than $420,000 in one case alone

From The Hill newspaper:
Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) said Monday that the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has “cooked the books” to inflate its operations costs.
“It has once again been confirmed that the agency has cooked the books and inflated the cost of private screening under federal supervision as opposed to the cost of operating all federal screening,” Mica said. “TSA has done everything possible to maintain its bloated administrative bureaucracy.”
Mica’s comments were a response to a report Monday from the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general that Mica said showed that the TSA’s cost analysis for the Screening Partnership Program (SPP) is “flawed.”
Mica said the TSA incorrectly inflated the cost of private screening operations, by more than $420,000 in one case. . . .

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