Alan Dershowitz's continued false claims about my research and the research on gun control generally

Interview on Geraldo Rivera’s national radio show, January 31, 2013

Alan Dershowitz: We need objective scientists looking at all the variables, not looking at kind of pat points being sponsored by the NRA or supporters of the NRA, not pseudo-scientists who come to the problem with the point of view.  We need the National Science Foundation, we need other objective scientists looking at everything, looking at the relationship between the amount of guns in society and the amount of crime holding constant racial factors, financial factors, economic, all kinds of other factors.  We need to learn the truth about this.  We have to follow the facts and follow the truth.  And the truth doesn’t come from the NRA, the truth doesn’t come from alleged professors who have a point of view and who have been advocating a particular point of view about this.  It comes from objective scientists.  We need to know the truth, lives depend on it. 

Geraldo Rivera: You, John Lott, are the purported or alleged professor that Alan Dershowitz is talking about.  How do you respond? 

I have to thank Geraldo for having me back on his show.  Previously Dan Gross from the Brady Campaign said that he would no longer appear on shows to debate me, but while some shows then decide that it is best not to have me on, Rivera invited me back to discuss the issues with Mr. Dershowitz.

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Blogger FZ said...

Dershowitz was really rude and refused to allow you to answer his questions, but when you were able to get a word in I noticed he couldn't dispute your data or your points, so he resorted to personal attacks. Very shameful and pathetic on his part.

And he tried to used Japan as some kind of analogue for the US? C'mon, the countries are not at all similar, one is a diverse nation with over 300 million people while Japan is a homogenous nation of less than 130 million and with a very aged population. Talk about apples and oranges.

2/10/2013 4:56 PM  
Blogger stuff.it said...

It seems that alan dershowitz is not a truthful person, his views on politics to anything else are slighted. I remember him from massachusetts, and all he was, was an instigator. I am sure he is close friends with bloomburg and the rest of the so called elite.


2/10/2013 6:32 PM  
Blogger stuff.it said...


This gives ya a idea what dershowits is all about. The man is no good!

2/10/2013 6:33 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Talking about "paradoxes" in the gun control debate - how can Dershowitz be so stupid and so smart at the same time. He sounds like an idiot, but he teaches at Harvard Law? I don't get it!

2/10/2013 7:44 PM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

This is a true test of the character of those who wish to disarm us all.

They (the so called intelligentsia), beat their breasts, cry loudly about our children dying en mass, vociferously attack anyone who even thinks about having an opposing view, and when the chance comes to go head to head with anyone on this, they either drown out the other person or simply refuse to debate them in a polite and adult fashion.

Did I mention the lies that these folks engage in?

I know not what is more pathetic; Lying in order to promote an illegal agenda, or being too weak to stand up for the truth.

Is it too much to ask for honesty and fairness, or is it simply fear of the truth and having to look in the mirror at themselves that drives these people...

My answer is fear.

2/11/2013 1:40 PM  

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