Coulter discusses my work with Landes on Hannity

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Blogger stargazer said...

Coulter is wrong. In 2007 in Salt Lake City UT, a man killed 5 people and wounded 4 with a handgun. Utah has the most liberal gun laws in the country. In Texas, there have been mass killings any number of times. The inferences that gun control laws leads to gun massacres conflicts with the facts.

1/04/2013 3:24 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear Stargazer:
Do you understand that in both states that there are places where you cannot bring handguns? For example, here is a picture of one of the signs at the Trolley Square Mall in Utah. http://johnrlott.tripod.com/2007/02/proof-that-trolley-square-mall-in-utah.html

1/05/2013 2:07 AM  

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