So are movie theaters near where the Aurora, Colorado killer lived posted to prevent concealed carry?

As many now know, the Cinemark movie theaters in Colorado ban permit holders from carrying their guns into the movie theater.  The media mentions that the theater was "close to [the killer's] home," but where there other movie theaters?  What were the rules for guns at the other theaters?  Why might the killer have picked the movie theater that he did?  

To check that out, I went to movies.com and entered in an Aurora, Colorado zip code where the killer lived.  By the way, the number of theaters showing the movie went from 4,404 from July 20 to August 2 to 4,242 from August 3 to August 3 to 3,690 from August 10 to 15.  There has thus been a 16% drop off between opening weekend and when I checked on these facts on August 14th and 15th.

Below is the list of theaters that I obtained from the above link.  Of the seven theaters showing The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th that were within a 20 minute drive of the movie theater, six allowed permitted concealed handguns and only one denied them at the time of the attack.  

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has a website where they have collected information on whether movie theaters have been posted as not allowing concealed carry available here.  The only theater that they note to where the killer lived that was posted was the Century Cinemark Theater.  However, I did not rely on their listing for any of the information provided below as it is based on permit holders reporting that information to the RMGO group.  Though it is interesting to note, that for movie theaters within 20 minutes of where the killer lived and showing The Dark Knight Rises, this source only lists the Century Cinemark Theater as the only place that posted a "no weapons" sign. 

Here is the relevant part of the Colorado law on the ability of private businesses to restrict concealed carry.
18-12-214 Authority granted by permit - carrying restrictions.(5) Nothing in this part 2 shall be construed to limit, restrict, or prohibit in any manner the existing rights of a private property owner, private tenant, private employer, or private business entity.
777 Peoria St., Aurora, CO 80011
888-588-2463/(303) 991-7022 (name withheld)/
Not posted (Theater visited by Michael McNulty)
Showing The Dark Knight Rises
1.22 miles (3 minutes)
Picture from Michael McNulty who visited the theater (August 20, 2012).
Confirmed that it has never been posted.

13682 East Alameda Avenue, Aurora, CO
(303) 344-3456 Press 9
Not posted
started showing Dark Knight Rises on Aug 17th.
3.72 miles (7 minutes)

Century Cinemark Theater -- where the attack occurred
14300 East Alameda Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012
No weapons allowed sign
Showed Dark Knight Rises
3.97 miles (8 minutes)

Harkins Northfield 18 (Billed as the home of Colorado's largest auditorium)
8300 E. Northfield Blvd., Denver, CO 80238 
(303) 595-4275 720-374-3118
Not posted at the time of the attack, the manager (name withheld) indicated that the policy had been changed since the Cinemark attack. 
Showing The Dark Knight Rises
5.13 miles (10 minutes)

Aurora Movie Tavern 
18605 East Hampden Avenue, Aurora, CO 80013-3533
(303) 680-9913
Not posted
Showing Dark Knight Rises
10.04 miles (18 minutes)

Elvis Cinemas Tiffany Plaza 6
7400 E. Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80231
Not posted
Not showing The Dark Knight Rises
9.12 miles (18 minutes)

The Movie Tavern at Seven Hills

18305 E. Hampden Ave., Aurora, CO 80013
(303) 680-9913
Not posted
Showing The Dark Knight Rises
10.02 miles (19 minutes)

5415 Landmark Place, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(303) 352-1908 (303) 779-0584
Not posted
Showing The Dark Knight Rises
12.88 miles (19 minutes)

UA Colorado Center Stadium 9 and IMAX
2000 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80222
(303) 757-8665
Not posted
Showing The Dark Knight Rises
9.66 miles (20 minutes)

Esquire Theatre

590 Downing St., Denver, CO 80218
(303) 733-9939
Not showing The Dark Knight Rises
9.95 miles (21 minutes)

3635 S. Monaco Pkwy., Denver, CO 80237
(303) 758-6732
No weapons allowed sign
Showing The Dark Knight Rises
9.97 miles (21 minutes)

8141 E. Arapahoe Road, Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 741-2606
No weapons allowed sign, but told that people who have their permit with them are allowed to carry in there.

Arapahoe Crossings 16, 9969 South Parker Road Aurora (303) 766-3100
(303) 766-7200
No weapons allowed sign
Showing Dark Knight Rises
15.38 miles (23 minutes)

Mayan Theatre

110 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
(303) 744-6799
Not Showing The Dark Knight Rises
9.29 miles (23 minutes)

AMC Southlands 16 23955 East Plaza Avenue Aurora 
(303) 627-5430
No weapons allowed sign
Not showing The Dark Knight Rises
20.47 miles (25 minutes)

Instead of reporting whether these attacks keep on occurring in gun-free zones, the media keeps reporting on irrelevant or incorrect issues.  The problem with the reporting isn't really whether they falsely claim that the Aurora theater killer was a member of the Tea Party or misstating a statement from the killer's mom.  No, what I am referring to involves claims that are made over and over again during these attacks, namely the claim that so-called "assault weapons" (a political term, not a useful descriptive term) are used in these crimes or whether the guns and ammunition were purchased legally.

UPDATE: Here is a story about the mayor of New Haven calling for a ban on concealed carry in movie theaters in his town.
A New Haven lawyer said he had every right to carry a loaded .40-caliber pistol into a Batman movie in downtown New Haven Tuesday night. Mayor John DeStefano said he shouldn’t be able to.
The remarks came at dueling press conferences Wednesday afternoon following an incident Tuesday evening at Criterion-Bow Tie movie theaters on Temple Street, where police arrested a lawyer who had carried a gun into the theater.
Sung-Ho Hwang (pictured at left), a 46-year-old lawyer and president-elect of the New Haven County Bar Association, was arrested Tuesday night at an evening showing of the latest Batman movie at the Criterion. Three patrons saw him carry a gun into the theater and— on the heels of a mass shooting at an Aurora, Colo. screening of the same movie last month—called the cops. They swept into the theater and charged Hwang with breach of peace and interfering after he allegedly refused to obey orders to show his hands.
Hwang was carrying a gun in a holster at the small of his back. He has a permit to carry the gun and said Wednesday afternoon that he had done nothing wrong. . . .

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Blogger Tatarize said...

It was the closest theater. The only relevant bit would be if there were a lot of closer theaters. And just showing a film on the day is a bit different than a midnight showing.

10/25/2013 7:21 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Sorry, no, it wasn't the closest theater. that was showing the premier on that date. Seven theaters within a 20 minute drive of the killer's apartment were showing the midnight premier. Also the theater with the largest auditoriums was almost the same distance from the killer's apartment.

10/26/2013 1:01 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have been reading post after post and come to my own inclusion that what happen didn't have to happen or could have been stop. In my 38 years being on GOD'S green earth I have never ever been to a movie theater premiere that alouds people to dress up in costumes unless you attend a Comic Con or a halloween party or alouds people to carry guns in the theater without red flags going up! The door the shooter went in and out supposedly been an emergency door and if it was then the alarm supposedly went off and it didn't went off and that's a realy big red flag. I would just think a place that spends thousands to millions of dollars putting a business together would have think of all possiblty sinarils for safety to their customers specialy in the world of today we live in. On the event like a Batman's premier I would think safety would be Numero Ono for their customers and then that wouldn't never ever happen because if it wouldn't be for that door then he wouldn't been able exist into the movie theater.I hope to all people that went through this tragic event can and will recover from this and move on, but never forget what happen to the ones that lost their lives and to the people of lost love ones can move on also and R.I.P for the ones that lost their lives ONLY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST you all can recover through this tragic event IN JESUS CRRIST Name, AMAN!

12/07/2014 12:54 AM  

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