Media Matters doesn't know when to stop

This is the third attack by Media Matters in two weeks.  A long response was just posted yesterday to an attack on Friday and the previous Tuesday they had another piece that must define "civilized" countries in a very strange way.  The above quote is from part of a post put up by Media Matters.  The first link in this section is to a previous piece Media Matters did attacking an op-ed that I had in the New York Daily News and an appearance on MSNBC, and I have already responded to it here

It is indeed true that I said that Zimmerman's interview "suggests . . . That Zimmerman has nothing to hide."  I stand by that statement, and I believe that most people who know anything about the legal system understand the point that I was making.  As to the other point, I clearly wrote: "I haven't been able to confirm the following claim here in a solid news source, but if true, this would be important."  I put the examples which were true up front, and then I put two possible examples that I hadn't been able to confirm and I warned readers that I hadn't been able to confirm them.



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