Illinois unlikely to adopt so-called "assault weapons" ban

Figures that the Chicago Tribune would say that the opposition facing the so-called assault weapons ban is from those who fear it "could restrict hunting rights."  Let me give a hint.  Semi-automatic weapons are useful for self-defense.  This ban will ban semi-automatic guns based on their looks.  From the Chicago Tribune:
At a downtown Chicago news conference, the governor also proposed a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, another thorny gun control issue that has been pushed to the forefront by the Colorado shootings that killed 12 and wounded dozens on July 20.
Quinn dismissed accusations that he was seeking political advantage from the tragedy.
"We should show the nation that when something really bad happens, as happened in Aurora, Colo., a horrific massacre, that we don't stand idly by," Quinn said. "We take action." . . .
Furthermore, regional division is so deep-seated in Springfield that lawmakers have been unable to make significant changes to state gun laws in recent years. Chicago Democrats, for example, favor gun control, while Downstate Democrats and Republicans have fought off proposals they fear could restrict hunting rights. Some Democratic leaders have used gun control as a wedge issue in races against suburban Republicans, who often are split over the issue. . . .



Blogger Rail Claimore said...

Suburban Republicans should not be split on this or concealed carry anymore. I could understand maybe 10 or even 5 years ago, but public opinion has changed quite a bit since Heller and McDonald, as well as with Obama's election.

8/06/2012 11:40 PM  

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