House of Representatives sue Obama adm for refusing info in Fast & Furious case

The Obama administration has no desire to provide these documents and no justifiable reason for not providing them.  The Obama people keep saying that they will negotiate on them, but then nothing happens.  From the WSJ:
. . . The filing was expected after the House voted in June to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over the Justice Department's refusal to release certain documents. The agency has turned over more than 7,000 pages related to Fast and Furious, but the White House cited executive privilege in rejecting requests for other documents that mostly concern how Justice leaders reacted when they learned of Fast and Furious. . . .  
"Waiting nearly eight months after the subpoena had been issued to assert a meritless claim of privilege, the president's decision was a calculated political maneuver designed to stop the release of documents until after November's election," Mr. Issa said in a news release. 
The 41-page suit, filed in federal court in Washington, says accepting the Obama administration's definition of executive privilege would "cripple congressional oversight of executive branch agencies, to the very great detriment of the nation and our constitutional structure." . . .  
When Congress began asking about possible gun-walking, Justice Department officials said none had taken place. They later retracted that statement; Mr. Holder has called Fast and Furious "bad law enforcement." The attorney general has said he and senior Justice Department officials weren't aware of the operation until after it was halted. . . . .

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