71-year-old Robbery victim defends himself with permitted concealed gun

This robbery victim didn't pull out his gun until the robber pointed his gun at the four robbery victims.  In addition to the 71-year-old, there was another 71-year-old, a 69 year old, and a 82-year-old. 
A licensed carrier of concealed weapon fired at a man who had just robbed him and three others in St. Louis Friday night.  Around 10:50pm, the foursome was walking east in the 4500 block of Olive. An armed robber came up behind them and ordered them to drop their possessions. 
The suspect took off but turned around and pointed a gun at the victims. One of the victims, a 71-year-old man with a conceal and carry permit, pulled out his weapon and fired at robber. The suspect got into an early 1980s maroon Ford pickup with a black camper shell and drove away. . . .
Another version of the story is available here.

Thanks to Countenance Blog and Tony Troglio.

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