Almost 20 percent of men between 25 and 34 live with their parents?

This is an amazing and depressing statistic. From Bloomberg News:

The percentage of men 25 to 34 years old who live with their parents has increased by almost a third during the past five years, data from the U.S. Census Bureau show. The economic downturn has accelerated that trend for young men, while women continue to be less likely to bunk with their parents.

Since 2006, the year before the recession began, the percentage of young men living with their parents has grown to 18.6 percent this year from 14.3 percent. Just 9.7 percent of women in that age group now live with their parents, up from 8.8 percent in 2006. . . .

The WSJ has a discussion available here on how young men are having a particularly difficult time getting jobs.

Few groups were hit harder by the recession than young men, like Cody Preston and Justin Randol, 25-year-old high-school buddies who didn't go to college.

The unemployment rate for males between 25 and 34 years old with high-school diplomas is 14.4%—up from 6.1% before the downturn four years ago and far above today's 9% national rate. The picture is even more bleak for slightly younger men: 22.4% for high-school graduates 20 to 24 years old. That's up from 10.4% four years ago. . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard a newsreader cover this but with a smirk for the male-female difference. I can explain some of the difference with 'women' not wanting mommy to know what they're doing and with whom.

Living in mommy's basement beggars the meaning of adult.

11/07/2011 6:30 AM  

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