Virginia state Supreme Court rules that spit wads are "weapons" and using them is "criminal"

From WND:

The state Supreme Court in Virginia has let stand a ruling that spit wads are "weapons" and using them is "criminal."

But a public-interest law firm fighting the case says it has asked for a rehearing because of alleged violations of due process of law that occurred in the case.

The case has been argued by the Rutherford Institute, which said a tiny plastic pellet shot out of a plastic tube doesn't meet the definition of a "weapon" and a long-term suspension for a 14-year-old honor student is inappropriate.

The argument came in the case of Andrew Mikel II, who was a freshman last school year when he was kicked out of Spotsylvania High School for the remainder of the session under a claim by school officials that the "spit wad" was "violent criminal conduct."

Rita Dunaway, a staff attorney with the Rutherford Institute, argued before the state's high court that the penalty should be reversed and that the school determination that Mikel "possessed" a "weapon" reached too far. . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Obviously the Virginia state Supreme Court is suffering from a serious disconnect from reality.

Hmmmm, does this mean I have to register my squirt gun now, and keep a trigger lock on it too? Is a Super Soaker now considered an automatic weapon?

Somehow, someway, this subversion carried out by Courts and Legislators must be stopped. If this can be considered 'violent criminal conduct', what next? Prison time for possesion of spit wads? We had to shoot the suspect. He was carrying an automatic water pistol!

It is obvious that the school offals, and the court have no idea just how foolish they look when they engage in acts such as this.

11/05/2011 10:15 AM  

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