Biden and DOJ officials meet in private with gun control advocates on Tuesday

So it looks like the Obama administration is moving into high gear on gun control. From the left wing Huffington Post, though it isn't surprising that they get this inside scoop on the Obama administration.

With the Obama administration gearing up for its first attempt at reforming federal gun policy, Vice President Joe Biden’s office has begun assuming more of an active role.

Aides to the vice president were present at a 90-minute meeting that the Department of Justice hosted with gun control advocates on Tuesday, administration officials said. And while those officials stressed Biden’s involvement in the gun policy discussion was still very much in its beginning stages -- “at this point, we are just gathering ideas from people,” said an administration official, “and [the Vice President’s staff is] involved in that” -- those in attendance were pleased to see Biden emissaries at the table, interpreting it as a sign of seriousness on the administration’s behalf.

“We have had other meetings with folks at justice and meetings with other people in the administration,” said one attendee. “This was the most thorough engagement we have had to date.”

The vice president, after all, was the lawmaker most closely associated with the last major congressional effort to refigure Second Amendment rights. The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 was written, in large part, by then-senator Biden. It included major curbs on assault weapons, not only barring the manufacturing of 19 different brands of firearms, but also outlawing the possession of newly manufactured high-capacity magazines.

The law expired in 2004, and despite several high-profile gun-related incidents since then, efforts at re-introduction have failed. . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

Without the NRA involved, don't all these gun control meetings seem like nothing more than mutual, mental masturbation?
The steps we need to take on gun control are steps to reverse it, but wrong-headed Obama wants to go in the wrong direction.
Why doesn't Obama want to take on the Bloods and the Crips instead of the NRA? Perhaps for the same reason that he supports illegal immigration and smuggles AKs into Mexico, while arming, or more accurately, disarming the US Border Patrol with bean bag guns. His pattern is a preference for criminals and against law-abiding citizens. That's not a flattering characteristic for the man who is supposed to be the country's top law enforcement official. Should he be impeached for doing the opposite of his job by supporting crime instead of supporting the law? I think that would make a great deal of sense and I think it would be good for the country. It would certainly be good for law-abiding citizens.

3/17/2011 8:41 PM  

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